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Mead, WA 99021

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The nutrition farming techniques that Verne Fallstrom has implemented at Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ have piqued the interest of farmers all over the world.

What could be healthier - or greener - than fruits and vegetables grown on an organic farm? Food cultivated with nutrition farming techniques, that's what!

Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ offers some of the freshest, most healthful and nutrient dense produce around. Unlike an organic farm where some types of pesticide applications are acceptable, on a nutrition farm like Strawberry Hill, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are never used. Instead, they concentrate on soil health - ensuring it has the right biological balance of nutrients including trace minerals (AZOMITE®) to keep the plants healthy, which in turn keeps the pests away.

Strawberry Hill Nutrition Farm™ - the healthy choice!