WELCOME to the Bluff!

The Green Bluff Growers' Association was formed in 1902. The group's initial mission was to protect local strawberry growers from outside competition.
Now, the association helps local farmers with
agricultural tourism utilizing website and various marketing exposures.Marketing

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Hours & Events

Each farm is run independently with unique hours, events, and produce.
During crop seasons, most farms are open to the public, but should be contacted first.
Festivals take place only on designated weekends and there is no set location for the events (except the Cherry Pickers Trot). Each farm does its own thing with some farms open all year round.
For info on each farm, please see the
individual growers pages on this site.


Green Bluff is located about 15 minutes north of Spokane and is nestled at the foothills of Mt. Spokane.
It is divided into two loops of farms, the East and the West. The farms offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables either picked or U-Pick. There are also unique items such as a winery, antiques, an alpaca ranch, a landscape nursery, U-Pick lavender, Homemade Italian Food, and U-Cut Christmas Trees.

Map to Green Bluff, WA

Growing Things

Green Bluff has unique geographical traits that allow for dry land farming. The soil is deep and fertile with the unique capacity for moisture retention which allows for the growth of "dryland" produce famous for its quality and flavor. Seasonally, deer, elk, coyote and bald eagles are common. Many different birds, too. Once in a while there's moose and talk of a mountain lion and bear.Animals


It's Pretty

It's just plain pretty up here. Depending on where you are on the Bluff, you'll get a totally different view. If you find the middle and spin 360 degrees, you'll see for miles in every direction.



For more information and a map, please
pick up a Green Bluff Grower brochure
either from a Green Bluff Grower farm or a participating outlet.