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We open for Photography when our cherry trees are blooming. Late April.

Call for and visit our website for an appointment Cherry (Bing, Pie & Rainer), Raspberries & Peaches in July, August &


September call or check our website before coming to visit.

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18207 N Sands Road

Mead, WA 99005


Cherry Hill Orchard & Market is the happiest place on Green Bluff!


We allow photographers to take family photos in late April at select, scheduled times. Please visit our website for more information.


Come and pick your fun in July, August, and September. We have cherries (Bing, Pie, and Rainier), Raspberries, and Peaches.


Our trees are trimmed lower, so it is easier to pick your fruit. We live in the middle of our orchard – this is our home. Our children, friends, and family eat the fruit from our orchard, so it is essential to us how we pray and care for our fruit. We believe in environmentally friendly practices to sustain our orchard and our lives. Come and enjoy a relaxing day in the country, visit our farm animals, and stroll through our artisan market.


Our market features carefully selected local artisans. Each year, we select a small local nonprofit to bless. We call this our Blessings on the Bluff, and throughout the season, we find ways to help this nonprofit by educating the community about it financially and through small gifts. Come and help us bless the small nonprofit that we choose each year.


More information about this can be found on our website. Come to Cherry Hill Orchard & Market and pick your fun!



Bing, Pie & Rainer






Specialty Items



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My husband Jeff and I purchased our country orchard home on Green Bluff 1998. I was born and raised in Denver, so I was unsure about living so far away from “civilization.” Jeff was raised on a farm in Iowa and was looking forward to growing our family in the country, so I thought I would give this farming life a chance. The house and orchard needed much repair, but we were up for the job. With the help of family, we gutted the house and lovingly put it back together. Our fantastic farm neighbors helped us determine which trees could be saved and which had to be removed. We pulled out 400 apple, apricot, peach, and cherry trees, and then over the next 25+ years, we planted many more cherry, apricot, peach, and plum trees. We have also planted about 2000 raspberry bushes.


We are a family-operated orchard. Jeff and I and our three children have planted, pruned, hauled, thinned, watered, fertilized, picked, and sold our fruit for the last 25+ years. All this work has paid for our children’s education, from elementary school through college. We built a beautiful, big red barn in 2011. With this new space, we were able to open a vintage market.


In this market space, I have really enjoyed welcoming many talented people in the Inland Northwest to become vendors. Plus, I am making some fantastic new friends! Our family has also enjoyed all the fun pet possibilities that country life provides. Since we’ve been here, we’ve adopted Mavis (a miniature donkey), Rosie (a miniature donkey), and many ducks and chickens. Our dogs, Bingo and Cricket, have been the best of companions. (They love it when our customers visit them.) I can now say that I am so blessed to have raised our family in this country orchard home. I have fallen in love with this beautiful community called Green Bluff and the many customers we have had the pleasure of meeting through the years. When you visit Cherry Hill Orchard & Market, we hope you feel welcome and enjoy a relaxing day in the country.

Jeff & Ronda 
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