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Pear Tree

Pears are typically harvested in late summer to early fall when they reach maturity, but their exact harvest time varies depending on the variety and growing conditions.

Pears are often picked when firm and allowed to ripen off the tree at room temperature, as they can become overripe and mushy if left on the tree too long.

Once ripe, pears can be stored in the refrigerator for several days to extend their shelf life and maintain their freshness.

Pears are delicious and nutritious fruits that offer a wide range of culinary possibilities. Whether enjoyed fresh, cooked, or baked into desserts, pears are versatile ingredients that add sweetness, flavor, and texture to a variety of dishes.

Remember that farming depends on the weather; not all pears harvested on Green Bluff will be available according to the schedule below. This information is a general guide to when pears are in season for each grower listed below. It is always best to click on the Grower Page and check with the individual farms before heading to Green Bluff!  

When It's Fresh

Smith's Hilltop Orchard


Beck's Harvest House



Hidden Acres Orchards
Wellen's Luscious Fruit & Antiques



High Country Orchard


Cole's Certified Organic Orchard


Cherry Shack Orchard
Sunset Orchard Green Bluff



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