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Green Bluff is home to several family-owned farms that specialize in blackberry cultivation. These farms often offer U-pick opportunities, allowing consumers to harvest their own berries directly from the field. This provides a fun and interactive experience for families and individuals while supporting local agriculture.

Blackberries grown in Green Bluff are prized for their exceptional flavor, sweetness, and juiciness. The region's optimal growing conditions contribute to developing high-quality fruit that is enjoyed fresh, frozen, or processed into jams, jellies, sauces, and baked goods.​​

Remember that farming depends on the weather; not all blackberries harvested on Green Bluff will be available according to the schedule below. This information is a general guide to when blackberries are in season for each grower listed below. It is always best to click on the Grower Page and check with the individual farms before heading to Green Bluff!  


Hidden Acres Orchards


Beck's Harvest House


Eleven Acres Farm


Bodacious Berries / Big Barn Brewing


Knapp's U-Pick Farm


Sunset Orchard on Greenbluff


Heavenly Hill Farm

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